The SAPPHIRE’s EDUCATION programming bridges the gap between what students need and what schools can deliver. We offer a variety of arts integration programs for all ages and grade levels that utilize the basics of theatrical techniques to teach any curricula.

Our team of professional teaching artists draw on their combined decades of experience to create and customize OUT-of-SCHOOL programs, DISTANCE LEARNING opportunities, and IN-SCHOOL programs and performances (including our Emmy award-winning  PICTURE THIS® performances).

The SAPPHIRE will support your learning goals with: 

  • TOP-SHELF TEACHERS: Our team of professional and vetted teaching artists and actors have years of experience in education and on-stage. (All teaching artists are background checked, with copies and references provided upon request.)
  • RESEARCH + STANDARDS: Research- and evidence-based techniques are used and cited, and all in accordance with to state and federal education standards.
  • DYNAMIC, DIVERSE ENGAGEMENT: All programs engage the body, mind, and voice to stimulate active listening and learning. And, our programs appeal to diverse learners who benefit from engaging in theatre because it creates this mind, body and voice connection.
  • EDUCATION + ENTERTAINMENT: More than just fun and informative, SAPPHIRE’s programs address subjects as diverse as biology, social studies, reading comprehension/literacy and ecology.
  • CUSTOM CREATIONS: All programs are tailored to fit your needs, schedule and parameters. Don’t see your particular topic…? We can work with you to create a customized learning experience to fit your specific needs.

The SAPPHIRE’s education programs exist to make every teacher’s life just a little bit easier. Let us know how we can support your school or organization!

Theatre Clubs, Workshops, and On-site Residences can be customized to any size, topic, or age group, and include a professional teaching artist and subject matter support, whether performance-based or behind the scenes.

DRAMA CLUB!  [In-School Residency; Grades 3-12; Up to 30 students.]
Students will learn the basics of improvisation for the theatre, working together as an ensemble, creating characters and using the actor tools of body, mind and voice. Our DRAMA CLUB is designed to make playing theatre games fun and educational, with a focus on theatre process instead of on a final performance or product, and an emphasis on experiential learning over performing, building confidence and communication skills.

PLAY GAMES [Workshop; Grades 1-12; Up to 30 students.]
This energetic workshop is filled with meaningful theatre games for youth and educators. Sessions available for participants in elementary, middle and high school.  Every game is an ensemble-based experiential that teaches valuable, age-specific lessons such as confidence, teamwork, mental focus and physical awareness.  (But don’t worry — it’s so much fun, they won’t know their learning!) PLAY GAMES is perfect for school and youth groups, summer camps and out-of-school programs.

In response to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are creating online Distance Learning opportunities for students, parents and educators.

Videos will be available on The Sapphire’s YouTube Channel.

Our team of teaching artists partnered with Indiana Afterschool Network to pioneer their first virtual Out-of-School Summit. We’re proud to contribute to this trail-blazing endeavor that will offer paid professional development opportunities for teachers and youth workers who are struggling during this time. And, we continue to fulfill our mission of #PerformingArtsWithPurpose. #INthisTogether

CLICK HERE to stay updated on DISTANCE LEARNING OPPORTUNITIES as they become available.


BULLYING: A Play on Conflict Resolution [Performance; Grades 1-12; Up to 300 students.]
Students will explore their own experiences, attitudes, and prejudices about school bullying in a way that is engaging, comfortable and insightful. This program raises awareness about the roles that the bully, victim, and the witness play in these situations. Both students and teachers will come away with new tools for dealing with bullying.

BULLYING: Behind the Scenes [Workshop; Grades 1-12; Up to 30 students.]
This highly interactive workshop gives students a real-life look at what to do with bullies in school. Two actors use theater techniques to help students learn what to do and say when tension and conflict arise during bullying situations. (Arts for Learning topic categories: anti-bullying, communication, health & wellness, life skills.)

CREATING COURAGE [Performance; Grade PreK; Up to 30 students.]
This intimate, interactive performance will show students that even when they are afraid, there are ways that they can find courage. The actor faces their own fear of storms, using simple Shakespearean text and the power of language. Students will participate from their seats to create storm sounds.

PICTURE THIS® for Youth Audiences [Performance; Grade 3-12; Up to 300 students.]
The SAPPHIRE’S shows for schools feature PICTURE THIS® – our Emmy-award winning process that takes a variety of learning topics and presents them using interactive theatre. Professional improvisation actors portray real-life scenes customized for an audience, and facilitators guide a two-way conversation between the audience and the characters, exploring the issues and navigating difficult conversations. The PICTURE THIS process allows students to directly engage with challenging subjects in a safe, low-risk environment.

KEY TOPICS for Youth Audiences:

  • CONFLICT RESOLUTION: By exploring their own experiences, attitudes, and prejudices about school bullying in a way that is comfortable yet insightful, students express their concerns, expand their awareness, and rehearse new approaches.
  • Diversity & Inclusion:  By fostering healthy dialogue about differences in race, ethnicity, gender, ages, religions, sexual orientation, political views, backgrounds, personalities and more, we help move audiences along from tolerance to acceptance and towards truly valuing diversity.
  • Sex, Sexuality, Gender & Healthy Relationships:  Gender and sexuality are complex and complicated matters. And today’s youth are flooded with masses of misinformation, misconceptions, and overly-mature subject matter. People identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, or intersex (LGBTQI+) regularly face discrimination, bullying and violence, often leading to higher incidents of mental health issues and suicide. Our program provides a safe, encouraging space for necessary dialogue, where all are supported to be themselves and learn where to seek further help.
  • Violence & Gun Safety:  We partner with topical and tactical experts to offer training in situations ranging from managing guns in the home to handling critical events. By staging challenging and dangerous scenarios, we create a critical opportunity to explore these situations safely, delivering vital information and resources in effective ways.

ONCE UPON OUR TIME: Staging New Fairy Tales in a New Environment  [In-School Residency; Grades 3-5; Up to 30 students.]
How does pollution play a part in the epic re-match between the Tortoise and the Hare? What happens to The Three Little Pigs after they all move in together and the trash piles up? How can the Ant reduce, reuse and recycle? And what happens when the Grasshopper refuses to do so? In this residency, students will explore Fairy Tale characters of yesterday as they encounter the environmental issues of today. But can they ensure a happily ever after…? Students will have a multifaceted, page-to-stage experience ending with a live performance. For each grade, we have chosen a Fairy Tale story that exemplifies and incorporates the Science Standards specific to that grade level. And, every Fairy Tale story will engage the students in learning about the environment and reducing, reusing, and recycling. (This program was developed as part of The Pulliam Environmental Care and Preservation Program.)

READER’S THEATRE [In-School Residency; Grades 3-8; Up to 30 students.]
This program is a fully customizable, arts integration residency. In five consecutive 50-minute sessions, a professional teaching artist will teach theatrical techniques while creating a Readers Theatre script approximately 5 minutes in length, suitable for a final presentation. Readers Theatre utilizes the three actor tools of body, mind, and voice to teach any curriculum from science and math to writing or literature. Social issues are also available for our Readers Theatre program including anti-bullying, communication skills, conflict resolution, body autonomy and safety, and violence prevention. The cost of this program includes a teacher’s planning meeting and a custom script.

LOOK for more info about READERS THEATRE on!

SPEAK THE SPEECH [Workshop; Grades PreK to 2; Up to 30 students.]
With the help of a professional actor, students will build confidence in reading aloud using small, manageable Shakespearean texts. Students will also try their hand at “performing” the text, using different acting techniques to give the words deeper meaning.

Don’t see your particular topic…? We can work with you to create a customized learning experience to fit your specific needs.

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