Bullying: A Play on Conflict Resolution

This highly interactive workshop gives students a real-life look at what to do with bullies in school. Two actors use theater techniques to help students learn what to do and say when tension and conflict arise during bullying situations. (Arts for Learning topic categories: anti-bullying, communication, health & wellness, life skills.)


Performance Details

  • grades k-2, 3-5, 6-8
  • 45 minutes
  • audience limit = 300

Bullying: Behind the Scenes

Students will explore their own experiences, attitudes, and prejudices about school bullying in a way that is engaging, comfortable and insightful. This program raises awareness about the roles that the bully, victim, and the witness play in these situations. Both students and teachers will come away with new tools for dealing with bullying. (Arts for Learning topic categories: anti-bullying, communication, health & wellness, life skills.)


Workshop Details

  • grades 3-5, 6-8
  • single session
  • 45 minutes
  • audience limit = 30

Once Upon Our Time: Staging New Fairy Tales in a New Environment

How does pollution play a part in the epic re-match between the Tortoise and the Hare? What happens to The Three Little Pigs after they all move in together and the trash piles up? How can the Ant reduce, reuse and recycle? And what happens when the Grasshopper refuses to do so? In this residency, students will explore Fairy Tale characters of yesterday as they encounter the environmental issues of today. But can they ensure a happily ever after…? Students will have a multifaceted, page-to-stage experience ending with a live performance. For each grade, 3rd through 5th, we have chosen a Fairy Tale story that exemplifies and incorporates the Science Standards specific to that grade level. And, every Fairy Tale story will engage the students in learning about the environment and reducing, reusing, and recycling. (This Arts for Learning program is offered as part of The Pulliam Environmental Care and Preservation Program 2013-2014)


Residency Details

  • grades 3-5
  • five sessions
  • 45 minutes each
  • audience limit = 30

For more information or to schedule one of these programs, contact:

Arts for Learning: The Indiana Affiliate of Young Audiences

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