Creative Consulting

First, we recognized the Need: Business professionals and organizations need innovative and engaging opportunities for learning, team building, career development, and professional growth.

Second, we assembled a Team: Our Creative Consulting team includes experienced professionals in marketing, business, public relations, personal development, theatre arts and entertainment.

Third, we applied Art to Life: Together, we offer a unique variety of business tools and techniques from the theatre that can be easily applied to life.

Now, we offer our expertise to You.
Whether you are an Actor or an Architect, a Musician or a Medical Doctor, a President or a Pre-School Teacher, a Lawyer or simply living an examined Life, our Team of Creative Consultants can provide unique ways to understand, improve and enhance your organization, your projects, or your self.

Performance and Percussion

With sound, movement and action, we create a playground for the artistic mind. Jump into the groovy experience that will engage your body, ignite your imagination, and breathe creativity into your life. Promotes the basic skills of performance, builds confidence and teamwork. Variations available for all ages, including Grades K-5, 6-8, 9-12 and special needs adults. Contact us for more information on pricing and scheduling.

Performance Coaching

Performance Coaching: Coaching employees is one of the most challenging aspects of leadership. It requires the ability to assess and address work performances, expressing kudos as well as concerns. Guiding employees efficiently and effectively is a critical part of management, but even the most savvy business professional often winces when it’s time to “have a talk” with that difficult employee.

Theatre embraces conflict. Without it, a play is as lifeless as an empty balloon. Theatre directors must embrace conflict as well, both on and offstage. Like a business leader, the director must assess and address performances as they progress, driving individuals and the whole production to be a success.

In this interactive workshop series, we apply tools from the theatre to the workplace. This multi-tiered series is offered in One-Hour, Half-Day, or Full-Day sessions.

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