Extreme Theatrics

The Performing Arts Survival Adventure!

Extreme Theatrics is a one-week performing arts summer camp produced by The Sapphire Theatre Co. Two teams have one week to create a short ensemble production using their imaginations and the crazy contents of their Performance Survival Kit. Through rehearsal and performance, participants will build confidence and collaboration skills; practice teamwork and conflict resolution; and learn how to bring a creative idea to life.

Extreme Theatrics is offered as part of 37 ARTS CAMP program in partnership with Art With a Heart and Indiana Youth Group. Together, we are staging full-immersion arts opportunities in an open, safe, fun, and creative environment.

OutPlay – OutShine – OutPerform


Dates and Location

  • GRADES 2 – 7: July 11 thru 15, 2016 (9am to 4pm)
  • GRADES 8 – 12: July 18 thru 22, 2016 (9am to 4pm)

Art With a Heart at 37 PLACE Community Center
2605 E 25th St Suite 301
Indianapolis, IN 46218
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Our goal with 37 ARTS CAMP is to offer quality summer programming to underserved youth in our community by providing unique and engaging camps at affordable prices with sliding scale fees. If you would like to sponsor a child with a donation, please go to: www.sapphiretheatre.com/donate


Contact Information:

Kaitlyn Akin

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