Let our powers combine!

Okay, I stole that from Captain Planet, but it totally applies.

I’m committing obscure-superhero-quote thievery for a good reason: to announce that The Sapphire Theatre Co. will be the community partner for the first-ever, premiere event hosted by Deck’d Out.

What’s Deck’d Out? So glad you asked. Deck’d Out is a new organization that puts on social events connecting people with local Indy causes. It was founded by three of my dear friends who share a passion for giving back, bringing people together, and having fun! It has been a joy to watch their passion grow into this super-cool organization, which is launching this weekend with “Drinks, Donuts and Dancing,” an event that will be every bit as fun and high-energy as it sounds.

Fun, high-energy, and a passion for our community. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

It was a no-brainer to suggest getting The Sapphire involved. All donations made at the event will benefit The Sapphire’s mission to produce professional theatre that entertains, inspires, and connects in order to enrich the human spirit. I couldn’t be more thrilled that these two organizations, both of which are so close to my heart, are combining their superpowers to bring you a night where you can come as you are and make Indy a better place.

So please join me for a night full of music, dancing, free donuts, supporting a great cause, free donuts, new friends at every turn, and free donuts (never write a blog post when you’re hungry).

Drinks, Donuts and Dancing” will be on Saturday, February 20 at the Hi-Fi in Fountain Square. The night will kick off at 8:30pm, there will be a toast around 10pm, then we’ll hit the lights for a no-judgement dance party.

Let’s combine powers. See you there!

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