I created the PICTURE THIS interactive theatre program over 30 years ago as a way to explore common, relevant issues that groups struggled with, and to do it in a way that engaged their hearts and minds. Using actors skilled in interactive, improvisational theatre and facilitators skilled at drawing out the rich breadth of life experience and perspectives of an audience, the process created a sanctuary in which to “speak the unspeakable.”

As the PICTURE THIS process evolved, the focus on skilled interpersonal communications became the bedrock upon which the elements of creative problem solving, brainstorming, and the exploration of personal perspective and experience flourished. While the term “emotional intelligence” was not in the vanguard at the time, PICTURE THIS illuminated the benefits, the ripple effect of courageous, respectful, self-aware interpersonal communication while highlighting the expense of what happens when we are emotionally “hijacked”. The effectiveness of PICTURE THIS rests upon the fact that we take for granted the need to communicate effectively as a team or as an organization. What typically fells the completion of projects, damages relationships, or delays deadlines is not the failure of technology or external events. It is more often a lack of cooperation, too little buy in, the unrealized need for recognition, or plain old misunderstanding and unresolved conflict; things that are all improved with practiced communication and are fodder for a dynamic PICTURE THIS presentation.


It is with great pleasure and pride that I announce that PICTURE THIS is still alive and well after more than 30 years, and now resides as part of The Sapphire Theatre Company. The Sapphire Theatre Company is the perfect new home for PICTURE THIS.  The company focuses on three facets: Education, Enrichment, and Entertainment.  A PICTURE THIS show provides all 3 of these.  And being a mobile theatre company, they are accustomed to bringing theatre directly to where the audience is located.  Whether it is at an elementary school teaching anti-bully techniques, or at a boardroom exploring ways diversity matters at the executive level, The Sapphire brings a PICTURE THIS show alive to its audience.

I am proud of what Picture This has accomplished in its 30-plus years, of the hundreds of organizations we’ve been able to serve.  From important HIV/AIDS awareness in its early days to sales force training for an ever-changing world today, PICTURE THIS continues its mission of creating one-of-a-kind learning that lasts with the audience.  And I am still a part of PICTURE THIS!  Bonnie Mill, Artistic Director of The Sapphire Theatre Company, and Nick Carpenter, Program Manager of PICTURE THIS, are working diligently to keep PICTURE THIS on the leading edge of critical educational topics and learning needs.. And I am still on the PICTURE THIS Team, continuing to create some of the best experiential training a company could bring to its employees and management.

The PICTURE THIS Team is here for you. If you would like some more information, we would be glad to chat with you.  You can email Nick Carpenter (nick@sapphiretheatre.com) or Bonnie Mill (bonnie@sapphiretheatre.com).  We are ready to discuss how we can serve your needs.

Thanks and be well!

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