The SAPPHIRE’s Emmy-award winning PICTURE THIS® has placed the most difficult topics center-stage for over 35 years. Professional improvisation actors portray realistic scenes customized for an audience. At the crisis point, facilitators and topical experts guide a dialogue between the audience and characters. Together, everyone identifies problems and practices new conflict resolution skills, incorporating the key learning goals. The PICTURE THIS process allows audiences to directly engage with challenging subjects in a safe, low-risk environment where new approaches to problems are encouraged and rehearsed, without consequences for failures. This open, dynamic forum for the exchange of diverse thoughts, feelings, ideas and values creates impactful experiential learning, while providing some entertainment at the same time. Often, participants recall the details from PICTURE THIS shows they experienced over a decade ago.

What is The SAPPHIRE Theatre Company’s PICTURE THIS?

PICTURE THIS® is an interactive theater process that’s engaged groups in the exploration of work and life challenges since 1984. Founded by David Llewellyn, PICTURE THIS is a process that uses theatre as a multi-functional tool for audiences to examine and explore those complex issues that lead to corrosive conflicts. A hybrid of two traditions – psycho-social drama and improvisational theatre – PICTURE THIS places the most difficult scenarios center stage. Professional actors portray real-life, customized scenes for an assembled audience. At the crisis point, facilitators and topical experts guide a two-way conversation between the audience and the characters, engaging group problem-solving, exploring the issues and practicing new conflict resolution skills.

What makes PICTURE THIS unique?

  • EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS: The SAPPHIRE’s team consists of professional, trained theatre artists and facilitators with many decades of combined PICTURE THIS experience.
  • INTERACTIVE & ENGAGING: Cognitive psychologists tell us that the human brain doesn’t know the difference between “rehearsal” and “reality” – it fires the same way when practicing as it does in real life.*** (Brian, I’m looking for a link for this…stay tuned.) By utilizing theatre techniques to problem-solve and rehearse effective strategies in a safe environment, PICTURE THIS participants are better prepared to handle tough encounters in reality, and with better results.
  • RESEARCHED: PICTURE THIS is a research-based process that appeals to a wide variety of learning styles. Blending theatre techniques with current science leads to deep and lasting impacts.
  • RESOURCED: Working closely with clients and topical experts, we create scenarios that closely mirror the audience’s real situations, while reflecting current standards and practices. We also provide support materials to give further resources for each audience member to take away.
  • HISTORY OF SUCCESS: The Emmy-award winning PICTURE THIS has placed the most difficult topics center-stage for over 35 years, successfully supporting audiences of all ages, sizes, and types.

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