“Diversity Awareness and understanding is a key issue for ongoing success of the Kirby Risk Corporation. With the implementation of our diversity training we wanted to avoid a lecture or a classroom approach to presenting material that could be contentious and/or boring. Our goal became to have a program that was interactive and entertaining. Picture This has provided the core content and interaction that we developed the rest of the program around. Since beginning training last year we have realized a marked decrease in employee complaints and an increase in effective teamwork. Without question, Picture This has been an integral part of the success of our program.” – Doug Gutridge, Kirby Risk Corporation

“It is so much better to have this type of setting rather than present PowerPoint on the HR Policies alone…because this is more ‘real world’ than our HR Handbook. And these are real-life situations that happen.” – Debbie Aull, Director of HR, The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis

“In a few minutes you are able to do what hours of lecture could not communicate.” – Carolyn Mutz, Acting Director, Partners in Politics

“I think the 2014 COME TOGETHER Conference turned out fantastic, and that is due in large part to Sapphire’s participation! Thank you so much for all of your contributions.” – Michelle Anderson, Deputy Director, Indiana Arts Commission

“You illuminated issues, and at the same time, demonstrated the power of the arts to communicate and affect change!” – Lewis C. Ricci, Executive Director, Indiana Arts Commission

“The group was able, under your leadership, to disagree, see each other’s points of view, and develop a measure of consensus.” – Rev. Jonathan Hutchison, Episcopal Diocese of Indianapolis

“Each time we have used PICTURE THIS… we have found it to be a particularly effective means for participants to see their own situations more clearly and immediately engage them in discussion about various options.” – Carolyn Mutz, Acting Director, Partners in Politics

“best educational programming we’ve ever had at these conventions.” – Deborah Scott, Indiana Association of Beverage Retailers

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