Fowler Theatre Restoration

We are very proud to have partnered with The Prairie Preservation Guild and Schutter Construction to renovate this Benton County landmark. The Sapphire Artists handled all the decorative painting elements for the Fowler Theatre Restoration Phases 2 & 3, including plaster restoration, multicolored and metallic plaster finishes, column and sconce artwork features, stage columns, proscenium medallion and a stage backdrop mural.

The building is just beautiful, you can share pictures online and talk about it, but until somebody walks in here, I don’t think they can fully grasp just how beautiful this theatre is.

—Ashley Bice, Benton County Foundation

View the overview of the project (5:02)

View the Extended Version (10:32)

Vibrant Corridors in Indianapolis

The Sapphire Theatre was selected for the Vibrant Corridors project. Vibrant Corridors is a civic-led, public art initiative to beautify the downtown environment and help create exciting neighborhoods and travel corridors. The Mural we worked on was at the underpass of New York St. under I-65/I-70.

“These public works of art will take away the gray and make Indy neighborhoods more attractive places to live and work. “The Vibrant Corridors project is one more example of Indy setting itself apart as a unique destination.”

—Mayor Greg Ballard

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