Supercharge your team for success! The SAPPHIRE’s Professional Development Programs engage staff in immersive experiences with guided practice that will transform your workplace. We offer a variety of interactive Workshops & Seminars and live Interactive Performances.

The SAPPHIRE will support your learning goals with: 

  • INDIVIDUAL GROWTH & TEAM-BUILDING: We create a low-risk environment for attendees to experience difficult real-life situations, working together to explore the challenges and move towards positive resolutions. Individual creativity and group problem-solving are both engaged, with a strong emphasis on effective means of interpersonal communication.
  • PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE: We know that adults learn best by doing, and behaviors only change with practice. Our training achieves lasting change for your team through immersive, experiential learning that appeals to widely diverse styles. 
  • LONG-LASTING IMPACT: The SAPPHIRE’s training goes deeper than PowerPoint presentations or topical discussions.  We use experiential teaching styles to establish learning goals, explore nuances of discussion topics, and develop the strategic thinking skills that lead to best outcomes. Attendees often remember our training years and decades after experiencing it.
  • RESOURCES & TAKE-AWAYS: Our programs are packed with practical suggestions that invigorate and energize participants and are immediately applicable. Everyone will walk away from every session with valuable resources and ongoing learning opportunities to extend the educational experience.
  • CUSTOM CREATIONS: All programs are tailored to fit your organizational needs, work environment, schedule and parameters. Don’t see your particular topic…? We can work with you to create a customized learning experience to fit your specific needs.

The SAPPHIRE offers interactive WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS and INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCES led by facilitators who provide fun, meaningful experiences.  Don’t let your next staff training be just another staff training! Bring The SAPPHIRE for an experience that will resonate with your team long after the training itself.  Your staff will thank you for providing creative, unique training unlike anything else they’ve experienced!


The SAPPHIRE offers interactive WORKSHOPS & SEMINARS led by facilitators who use theatre-based games and exercises to teach the established learning points. The workshops provide fun, meaningful experientials that can be directly applied in the workplace.  Individual creativity and group problem-solving are both engaged, with a strong emphasis on effective means of interpersonal communication and experiential learning.  Short introductions to concepts are followed by multiple participant experiences, then wrapped up with reflection and rehearsal on applying the learning in work and life.

READERS THEATRE [On-site Workshop; Up to 30 participants.]
Collaboration, consensus-building, listening and strong communication skills are strengthened in this arts integration workshop where your entire team takes center stage in rehearsal and performance of a work-related short play.  LOOK for more info about READERS THEATRE on!

LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT [On-site Workshop; Up to 30 participants.]
Effective leadership requires a wide array of interpersonal skills that must be adaptable for each moment and opportunity.  Learn or strengthen the skills of effective leadership communication.  Creating a safe environment through our process allows attendees freedom to stretch from their normal habits to try novel approaches.

BRAIN BREAKS [On-site Workshop; Up to 30 participants.]
Current neuroscience shows that just 90-seconds of activity shift periodically throughout the day can mitigate the physiological effects of stress in learning and in the workplace. Breathing techniques, physical stances and theatrical rejuvenation exercises help the body recover from daily stresses even when available in only small bursts. This workshop teaches the fundamentals of separating the mind from the body through breath, balance and brain breaks, while learning how to reintegrate them with active but contained exercise techniques applicable to all ages. Leave the workshop with takeaway exercises and printed materials with tips and techniques for creating brain breaks.

LISTENING and the LOST ART of CONSENSUS BUILDING [On-site Workshop; Up to 30 participants.]
This workshop highlights diversity and inclusion in a new way: by focusing on listening to the diverse voices around us. This interactive workshop provides not only the latest evidence and information about the benefits of diverse learning environments and workplaces, but also clear and executable exercises for improving various types of inclusion. By starting with the skill of listening to accept rather than to respond, participants find ways to set aside personal and unconscious biases and improve communication and instruction techniques.

AVOIDING BURNOUT BEHIND the SCENES [On-site Workshop; Up to 30 participants.]
Youth workers and educators are pulled in a million different directions while trying to focus simultaneously on students, parents, community members, administration, standards, and more. High turnover and stale attitudes inevitably result. The SAPPHIRE Theatre’s teaching artists created this workshop to help bring back the first-day passion and balance necessary for success, without sugarcoating the challenges. Put your own oxygen mask first by experiencing some interactive fun, then take some of the techniques back to teach to your staff.

IMPROVE with IMPROV! [On-site Workshop; Up to 30 participants.]
This interactive, high-energy workshop utilizes the techniques of theatrical comedy improvisation to teach communication and relationship skills. Learn why Fortune 500 companies send their employees and executives to improv class while your group experiences this fun and team-building time. Listening actively, thinking quickly, applying mindfulness to stressful situations, and building relationships comprise the focus of this professional development workshop. Takeaway games for all ages included.

Custom Program Development
Don’t see your particular topic…? We can work with you to create customized training to fit your specific needs. 

INTERACTIVE PERFORMANCES [On-site Performance; Up to 300 participants.]
The SAPPHIRE’s Emmy-award winning PICTURE THIS® has placed the most difficult topics center-stage for over 35 years. Professional improvisation actors portray realistic scenes customized for an audience. At the crisis point, facilitators and topical experts guide a dialogue between the audience and characters. Together, everyone identifies problems and practices new conflict resolution skills, incorporating the key learning goals.


  • Building Relationships:  Success with external customers and employee retention depend upon the skills of forming meaningful connections to others.
  • Business Development:  All employees, not just sales-people, can develop skills around identifying business opportunities and engaging potential clients.
  • Communication & Conflict Management/Resolution:  Empathetic listening, understanding voice and body language, and de-escalation techniques are stressed for better working relationships.
  • Customer Service Skills:  Empathetic listening, creative problem-solving, and stress management are explored for outstanding customer experiences.
  • Diversity & Inclusion:  By fostering healthy dialogue about differences in race, ethnicity, gender, ages, religions, sexual orientation, political views, backgrounds, personalities and more, we help move audiences along from tolerance to acceptance and towards truly valuing diversity in the workplace.
  • Harassment & Hostile Environments:  Respect for others is reinforced around situations of inappropriate humor, sexual harassment, and bullying.
  • Managing Change:  It’s been said that the only thing constant is change. Attitude and communication skills are vital in navigating both big and little changes in life and work.
  • Workplace Violence: Raising awareness, identifying early warning signs, and knowing how/where to report are all critical to prevent situations from escalating.  We partner with topical and tactical experts to offer further training in handling critical events.

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