Confronting social issues is a delicate challenge.  Let The  be a strategic partner in unpacking the complexity for your audience.  More than just awareness, your audiences will experience and learn practical steps for true positive change.

The SAPPHIRE’S VOICELESS ISSUES Programs are interactive performances designed for extraordinary audiences in exceptional circumstances. Today’s complex social issues are so challenging and divisive that it’s hard to know where to start meaningful conversations.  The  Theatre stages stories, based on real events, to allow audiences to create meaningful dialogue. Rather than presenting topics in a detached, general terms, our programs focus on the very people struggling with the issues.

VOICELESS ISSUES Short Description: VOICELESS ISSUES PROGRAMS: The  uses real-to-life stories to allow an audience to discuss tough subjects.  Our Voiceless Issue programs focus on groups struggling with very specific issues, such as military, college and LGBTQ+ audiences. 


Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Raising awareness, identifying early warning signs, and knowing how/where to report are all critical to prevent situations from escalating.  We partner with topical and tactical experts to offer further training in handling critical events.

Sex, Sexuality, Gender & Healthy Relationships

Gender and sexuality are complex and complicated matters, especially for today’s youth, who are flooded with masses of mis-information, misconceptions, and overly-mature subject matter. People identifying as lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans, queer, or intersex (LGBTQI+) regularly face discrimination, bullying and violence, often leading to higher incidents of mental health issues and suicide.  programs provide a safe, encouraging space for necessary dialogue, where all are supported to be themselves and learn where to seek further help.

Violence & Gun Safety

We partner with topical and tactical experts to offer training in situations ranging from managing guns in the home to handling critical events. By staging challenging and dangerous scenarios, we create a critical opportunity to explore these situations safely, and deliver vital information and resources in a meaningful and effective way.

The POWER of CONSENT: Empowering Students to Prevent Campus Assault  – #POWERofCONSENT

This interactive performance with guided conversations is designed to raise awareness about the prevalence and prevention of sexual assault on college campuses. This program prepares both male and female students, parents and campus communities for safe and healthy university experiences, and is offered in partnership with Planned Parenthood of Indiana and Kentucky (PPINK) Link: https://www.plannedparenthood.org/planned-parenthood-indiana-kentucky

REBUILDING HOME: Managing Moral Injury & PTSD – #REBUILDING HOME + #HelpIndyVets

Interactive performances and workshops fostering healthy communication and support for military members, veterans, their families, and their friends. Through the power of theatre, REBUILDING HOME uses effective techniques to create real-life, relatable learning experiences for veterans, families, and community members.

Don’t see your particular topic…? We can work with you to create customized programming to fit your specific needs.

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